Hotel Chiller Systems

Hotel Chiller Systems

Hotel Chiller Systems

Especially in public living spaces, cooling systems must be centralized as they are of course more economical. In this context, if you are researching Hotel chiller systems, you are on the right page. Our company carries out central cooling installation with its own brand Parky+Hvac Systems devices. After professional installation, the necessary tests are carried out by our company’s expert teams at extremely reasonable prices. Then, we deliver the system in working order. If you wish, let us first give you the answers to questions such as how the system works and on what principles it meets the requirements.

Hotel Chiller Price

If you want, let’s give some information about the hotel chiller price before moving on to other technical details. Our company offers the most affordable prices thanks to the use of its own brand devices and technical service opportunities. If you wish, let us now answer the question of what is a chiller system and how does it work? The system, which means taking heat from one source and transferring it to another source, provides very economical solutions. Considering individual cooling systems, this system is advantageous in many aspects. Because it is possible to manage the cooling functionality of the entire structure simultaneously, quickly and effectively, from a single center. At the same time, we can define all of our systems as central cooling and air conditioning systems. Apart from this, we can group the system to be installed under two main headings.

Air cooled system

Water cooled system

You can request both systems, which we have evaluated in 2 groups, from our company. If you want, let’s briefly explain the features of each system.

Air Cooled System

When evaluated in an optional sense, we can easily state that the installation we call air-cooled system is a little more advantageous. Because a strong water source is needed in the water-cooled system. Additionally, unlike the air-cooled system, there is a device that requires the fluid circulating in the system to be circulated through pipes and plates. Therefore, we can think that the air-cooled system, in which the heated gas is transmitted to the condenser, is a little more popular. The air-cooled system is also based on the principle of heat transfer with the help of batteries. Please contact our customer support line for room cooling and air conditioning installations, especially hotel chiller systems. Our company officials will definitely inform you comprehensively. Please note that our systems with international quality certificates also have a widespread technical service network.

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