Where is the Chiller System Used?

Where is the Chiller System Used?

Where is the Chiller System Used?

Chiller, which literally means cooling, is today heavily preferred by the mechanical and industrial industries. So, where is the chiller system used and which industrial organizations mostly need this cooling system? Please read carefully the article we prepared for those interested in the system. If you wish, let’s first briefly talk about how the system works.
Pre-installation feasibility
Project planning
Installation and assembly work
Tests needed
We can summarize the process as follows. Of course, there are many more important details of this process. Especially the professional progress of the project process is of vital importance for the functioning of the system. If you want, let’s briefly review what the other details are.

Chiller System Advantages

Of course, as in all central cooling applications, chiller system advantages are evaluated in terms of efficiency. First of all, this system can ensure that the cooling produced at a single point is distributed to the facility in the most efficient way. In addition, the fact that it can be used without any problems for many years is another reason why the application is preferred. If you wish, let us now inform you about the installation phase of the system. To briefly mention the equipment in the engine room:
One powerful and high-capacity compressor
Condenser that cools the gas
Expansion valves through which the refrigerated gas is liquefied
Finally the evaporator
Their hardware is included in the system. Of course, as we have just mentioned, the discovery and project planning phase should be evaluated directly by expert teams in the field of application.

Parhky+Hvac Systems

If you allow, let us share a brief informative information about our company’s branded product, Parhky+Hvac Systems, with its professional work and technical equipment in this field. Our company applies its branded product to the field with its technical service facilities spread across 81 provinces. We carry out installation, cleaning, maintenance and repair work. After this brief reminder, let us enlighten you about the operating features of the system, which we have briefly summarized now. The compressed gas in the compressor first needs to be cooled. This gas, which is liquefied and fluidized after cooling, is re-gasified in the evaporator and transmitted back to the compressor. Therefore, the system, whose functional functionality is in constant transformation, can be used in all industrial areas. For this reason, Food Industry, Textile Industry and shopping malls are among the first examples that come to mind. Apart from this, the system can easily find a place in hospitals, factories and workshops. We hope that our article, in which we sought the answer to the question of where the chiller system is used, was useful.

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