What is Chiller and How Does It Work?

What is Chiller and How Does It Work?

What is Chiller and How Does It Work?

Be sure to read our informative article on what is a cooling system chiller in the manufacturing industry and industrial production and how it works, until the end. Because the system not only provides efficient cooling but also brings significant advantages in terms of installation and maintenance. First of all, let us point out that there are mainly two different methods of application.
water cooled system
air cooled system
The application, which has found a place in the world, is preferred by many organizations today. To briefly mention the organizations that prefer the system:
Food industry
shoe manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Industry
Paint production facility
The mall
cosmetic manufacturing
Printing press
Businesses that need stylish cooling use the system efficiently.

What is a Chiller

If you wish, let us first explain the answer to the question of what is a chiller, literally. This expression, which means “cooler” translated from English, is seen as systems that cool manufacturing and industrial areas. Before moving on to the working principle, let’s briefly summarize the installation steps.
Engine room installation
Additional equipment and devices
Circulating channels and pipes
Testing stages
It is applied in the field and the necessary cooling is provided. Of course, the geographical point where the facility is located will need to be evaluated before installation. For example, if the facilities are close to large sources such as the sea, river or lake, water cooling application may well be preferred. However, it should not be forgotten that the cost will be more than the other system. Because additional honeycombs and water pipes, which are not available in the air-cooled system, must work integratedly in this system.

Central Cooling Prices

Before moving on to how the system works, it would be useful to give a little information about central cooling prices. Whichever of the two methods we have just mentioned is preferred, the full cost will only be revealed after the site inspection. In other words, the larger the area, the greater the cooling distribution. If you want, let’s now explain the working mechanism phase of the question of how it works. The mechanical compressor, which is based on the principle of taking heat from one source and transferring it to another source, consists of condenser, expansion valve and evaporator systems. If you are considering such a cooling system for your facility, please contact our company. Our company installs Parhky+Hvac Systems with its corporate structure and technical support in 81 provinces. Our company officials will inform you more comprehensively about our systems. We hope that we were able to enlighten you on what a chiller is and how it works. Hope to see you, stay safe

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