Textile and Yarn Industry Chiller Systems

Textile and Yarn Industry Chiller Systems

Textile and Yarn Industry Chiller Systems

If you are looking for the best quality cooling system for your organization, please do not leave our page. Because we install textile and yarn industry chiller systems and cooling systems that exceed your expectations in every aspect. You can reach our company at any time during the day. So, how does the system work and what are its technical details? If you wish, first of all, how does Parky+Hvac Systems, which has international quality certificates, work? Let’s give some more detailed information about our system. The chiller system, where air-cooled application is generally preferred, stands out with its advantages in speed and installation. Of course, if the facility to be installed is close to large water sources such as a lake or a river, a water-cooled system may be preferred. However, we should immediately point out that the cost may be slightly higher due to pipe and honeycomb additions. In addition, in the water-cooled system, the need for additional hardware that increases the cost may arise. For this reason, air-cooled application is mainly at the forefront.

Yarn Industry Chiller System

As it is known, fabric weaving and yarn production requires cooling devices both for the facility and for the healthy operation of the machines. Therefore, protecting the product and mechanical parts in the yarn industry chiller system production facility is of great importance for healthy production. In addition, the same systems can be used in industrial production facilities, especially for plastic production. Of course, food industry organizations such as the cosmetics industry and chocolate confectionery benefit from these cooling systems at the maximum level.

Air Cooled Application

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, air-cooled application will provide much more optimum conditions than the other. It constitutes the beginning of a process that begins with the transmission of the compressed gas in the compressor to the condenser. The gas cooled in the condenser is liquefied in expansion valves. The liquid, which is then transferred to the evaporator, will be converted back into gas. In this way, the process meets the high cooling need in conversion. Subject to
Engine room installation
Air Handling Unit
Other devices for circulation
It determines the cost as a whole. For this reason, it is essential that we conduct a preliminary examination and feasibility study at the facility. Therefore, the examination, measurement and determinations of our expert team are an important stage in the formation of prices. Please review our reference studies to better understand the textile and yarn industry chiller systems, assembly, installation and testing stages. If you contact our company, our officials will inform you in more detail.

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