Shopping Mall Chiller Systems

Shopping Mall Chiller Systems

Shopping Mall Chiller Systems

Shopping centers are now at an important point in today’s commercial understanding. Therefore, you may want to research shopping mall chiller systems for cooling and cooling purposes. If you are doing research in this sense, please do not leave our site. Because we meet the installation and post-installation maintenance needs of these systems with professional qualifications. We install patented Parky+Hvac Systems brand machines and devices on behalf of our company, with all rights. To briefly describe our systems that are used extensively by the industrial cooling industry. We can see it as a method of taking heat from one source and transmitting it to a different source. Generally
air cooled
water cooled
Two different systems are used. Of course, since each requires different hardware, the status of the application area is first reviewed. The reason for this is to examine which system the area to be installed is suitable for.

Shopping Mall Chiller Systems Price

Of course, those who attempt such a project will want to have information about the price determination of shopping mall chiller systems. Therefore, it is useful to briefly explain the subject. Each system that we have just listed under two headings has a different pricing. Because both installation and installation and maintenance and repair work after installation differ between the two applications. So, how does the system work and on what principles does it provide the desired cooling? If you wish, let us briefly enlighten you technically. It can be defined as a system that is obtained by compressing this gas with a compressor containing gas and then transmitting it to the condenser. Of course, this compressed gas is then transferred to the expansion valve and converted into liquid. Afterwards, the liquid passed through the evaporator is converted back into gas and transferred back to the compressor.

Air Cooled Application

Among the application types we listed at the beginning of our article, air-cooled application appears to be the most preferred system. Because in water-cooled application, large water resources such as lakes, seas or rivers are needed. However, in air-cooled application, electricity will be needed only for energy. Therefore, installation can be carried out in any desired field. Additionally, shopping mall chiller systems are designed for general use. For example, installation can be easily carried out in many production facilities such as the paint industry or textile industry. Please contact our company for comprehensive information and current prices. Our officials will inform you in detail. Hope to see you, stay safe

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