Printing Industry Chiller Systems

Printing Industry Chiller Systems

Printing Industry Chiller Systems

If you are looking for a cooling system that is as efficient as it is quiet, our branded product Parky+Hvac Systems will more than meet your needs. In this context, you can ask for support from our company for the installation of printing industry chiller systems. Our devices and machines with international quality certificates cool the environment at the desired level. Moreover, you can access maintenance, repair and cleaning services 24/7 through our widespread service network in 81 provinces. If you want, from this point on, let us enlighten you on how to install a superior performance cooling system in every aspect and what we do. First of all, let us remind you that the geographical location of the production facility is of great importance. If the production area is close to large water sources such as rivers, streams or lakes, a water-cooled system installation may be possible. However, if the facility is not close to these resources, air-cooled application will be much more economical and advantageous.

Printing Industry Chiller System Prices

Before moving on to the technical details of our subject, we find it useful to share some information about printing industry chiller system prices. We have just briefly touched upon
air cooled
water cooled
The two systems will require different cost justifications. Therefore, our priority in determining the price is to examine the field. Therefore, for the application of a refrigerated system, the proximity of your production facility to water resources is a prerequisite for the application. If the water-cooled system is not preferable, we can install the air-cooled application in a short time. Of course, whichever application is preferred, the size of the production center will result in an increase in additional equipment. Of course, this will result in a certain cost increase.

Central Cooling

It is also beneficial to have knowledge about the operating principles of the central cooling system that we will install. Our system works on the principle of compressing the gas in the compressor in the engine room. In addition, the system has additional hardware that supports each other. For example, the compressed gas is first cooled by being transmitted to the condenser. The fluid, which is then transferred to the expansion valves and converted into liquid, is transferred to the evaporator. In this equipment, the fluid converted back into gas returns to the compressor. In this way, the system will work in rotation and provide quality cooling in the entire facility. Printing industry chiller systems are tested after installation and delivered to the facility owner in working condition. Please contact us on anything you want to know about our branded devices and machines. Our company officials will enlighten you in great detail.

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