Plastic Production Facilities Chiller Systems

Plastic Production Facilities Chiller Systems

Plastic Production Facilities Chiller Systems

As it is known, cooling is of great importance in the industrial industry. Especially the rubber and plastic industry is one of these sectors. Plastic production facility chiller systems provide these organizations with the cooling mechanism they need. If you want this type of installation to be installed in your facility, you can contact our company. If you wish, let us first give you brief information about how the system works and how many types of installations can be made.

air cooled system

In the form of a water-cooled system

The device, which is installed under two main headings, is delivered after passing through the project assembly and testing stages. Of course, this process will continue at different points in the facility under the control of our experts. For example

Construction of the engine room

Laying of additional pipes and channels

Other devices that distribute cooling

There is a process supported by

Plastic Production Facilities Chiller Prices

Of course, after the necessary feasibility study is carried out, the material and labor costs that will be needed will be calculated. Therefore, Chiller prices for plastic production facilities will be fully clear at the end of this technical review. Once the entire cost of the project is revealed, it will be up to you to make a decision. Now, if you want, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods we just mentioned. Of these two systems, the water-cooled method requires large water resources such as sea or river. For this reason, we can say that it is not a suitable system for every facility. Because it will require different equipment and equipment compared to the air-cooled system.

Air Cooled Applications

However, air-cooled applications are a more popular application since they do not require such a water source. In addition, in this system, a compressor in which the gas is compressed and a condenser to which this gas is transferred are the basic mechanisms of the cooling system. In addition, the gas transferred from the condenser to the expansion valves is liquefied. The liquid, which turns back into gas form in the device defined as the evaporator, is sent back to the compressor. In this way, the system performs cooling within the transformation. Technically, it can be defined as the process of taking heat from one source and transferring it to another source. Of course, after the installation of the system, delivery is made after the testing stages. You can also request support for maintenance and repair from our extensive technical service network. You will be very pleased with our system in which Parky+Hvac Systems machines and devices, patented and branded by our company, are used. Please contact us for current prices of plastic production facilities chiller systems.

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