Paint Production Facilities Chiller Systems

Paint Production Facilities Chiller Systems

Paint Production Facilities Chiller Systems

As you will appreciate, cooling is one of the most important elements in all industrial facilities. For this purpose, if you are looking for an option in the style of paint production facilities chiller systems, you are on the right page. Because our company installs Parhky+Hvac Systems, which has its own patent and provides superior performance in every aspect. Since there may be people who do not know the system, it is useful to make a definition first. Let’s also start giving answers to questions such as what this system means and how it works. As it is known, installation of local cooling rooms or air handling units may be involved in the process.

Paint Production Plant Chiller Prices

This system, which constitutes the main cooling device of many institutions, especially the chemical industry, food textile and many more, will of course have a cost. Therefore, paint production facility chiller prices are among the first questions that reach our company. Therefore, if you wish, let’s first touch on this issue briefly. Then let’s give the other details. Unfortunately, it is not possible to share prices without an exploration in the field. Because it will not be clear how other equipment and connection elements, especially the machine room, will develop. Therefore, we can say that our priority is the inspection of the facility by our expert team. So, how does the system work and what requirements must be met in hardware

Air Cooled Application

It will be useful for you to know that two methods are mainly used when talking about this system. The installation, which is divided into two as air-cooled application and water-cooled application, will be compatible with the geographical conditions in the field. For example, in water-cooled application, the presence of large water resources is required. Of course, if this method is preferred, it should be kept in mind that it requires a little more cost compared to the other method. Because in water-cooled application, the additional equipment of the water to be processed after it is taken from the source causes this cost to increase. However, the air-cooled device will only need electrical energy. In hardware
Expansion Valves
Applications will be included. The gas compressed in the compressor is transferred to the condenser and then to the expansion valves, where it is converted into a liquid. The fluid, which is then converted back into gas in the evaporator, returns to the compressor. Please do not hesitate to contact us about anything you want to know about paint production facilities chiller systems. We will inform you comprehensively about our most current prices and other details of our application.

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