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Air conditioning systems vary according to the purpose of use of the buildings, the region and the external weather conditions depending on the region. Investors, building owners or users of the building may demand different operating conditions. For these reasons, air conditioning systems are generally designed, installed and operated in various types and features in order to meet these needs. The purpose of classifying air conditioning systems is to distinguish one system from another and to create a method that will facilitate choosing the most appropriate air conditioning system depending on the needs. If the designer cannot correctly identify and distinguish one air conditioning system from the others, it will be difficult for the customer to select the appropriate system. The following criteria should be considered in the classification of air conditioning systems.


As air conditioner service, we offer our customers a wide range of services. In this process, we take care to provide you with important services in terms of eliminating malfunctions in almost every model of air conditioner types. The employees of our company are highly professional in their fields and we offer the best service quality you are looking for in this process. Our company, which has an important place among air conditioning services, attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. Our company, which provides you with high standards of service in all kinds of air conditioner maintenance and repair, offers important opportunities for detailed control of your devices. You can apply to our company 2/24 about how the air conditioner you want to operate with a high performance.


Our Konya Air Conditioning Service masters, who have a wide network and serve the whole province, provide technical service 7/24, every day of the week, including Sundays. Our Konya Air Conditioning Service masters are on the market as technical service for all kinds of technical malfunctions, repair, maintenance and installation of all brands of devices such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, Arçelik, Bosch, Samsung, Toshiba, Altus, Beko, Ferroli, LG, Midea, Regal, whose warranty has expired. provides services at the most affordable prices. Our Konya Air Conditioning Service masters provide the installation process at the most affordable prices. Our masters in Konya Air Conditioning Service provide your air conditioner installation, repair and maintenance at the most affordable prices.


Chiller cooling systems working with expansion valve, evaporator, condenser and compressor products complete their function by cooling the compressed and heated gas in the compressor in the condenser. In short, the working principle of these systems is as follows. After this stage, the pressure of the gas passes through the expansion valve. In this way, the temperature drops and it liquefies. These systems are used in companies that want to increase the quality in production. This system is used in the cooling processes of these large buildings. The reason for this is that these systems meet a larger cooling capacity than other systems. The purpose of producing this system is to provide air conditioning studies and ventilation in the environment. These systems are preferred in business areas such as shopping malls, hotels, laboratories, test equipment, air conditioning of marine vehicles, cold storage. Especially in places where the cost of water is low, these systems are at the forefront.


Production facilities and institutional spaces definitely need cooling systems. Considering that Konya is an industrial and business city here, of course, Konya chiller cooling comes into play. Chiller devices are used in the field of air conditioning and cooling. These cooling devices transfer heat from one source to another. In order for the cooling process to take place, the energy of the refrigerant gas must be discharged. The devices complete these functions thanks to their mechanisms. Oils that need high cooling capacity prefer chiller cooling methods. The answer to the question of where the generated heat is transferred gives us the difference between air and water cooled systems.


Spiral freezers are also used in a cold room at -40°C conditions, just like in shock rooms, to bring the core temperature, that is, the core, to -18°C as soon as possible. Its difference from the classical shock chamber is that there is a spiral conveyor belt system in the chamber and the products enter and exit through the belt conveyor on the stainless steel construction in the -40°C shock chamber.


As a company that makes a difference in the field of cooling systems in Konya, we continue to work by always improving ourselves and following the technology in order to provide the best service to our city. We continue to do our best to provide the best service to all four corners of our country, especially in Konya, and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest levels. In order to be a pioneer in Konya cooling systems, we deliver these products to our valued customers by using the latest technology products. You can reach us through our contact numbers and our office.


The cooling systems to be preferred may vary according to the product features to be used. Therefore, determining which product you want to use can contribute much more to you. It is a necessary condition to reach the freshness and quality of the first day. The products, which are designed by offering the latest technological conveniences to their users, are always prepared in a way that can respond to the requests much better. In other words, it is important for you to get the performance you want and to be satisfied. At the end of your consideration of these, cold storage construction can be much more successful and can provide you with great profits.


If you show the area you want to be created to the experts, the projects will continue with great precision and cold air systems with details will be built for you depending on the storage periods of the warehouse. In other words, all your expectations, both in the construction department and in the construction department, will be delivered to you on a turnkey basis. Please contact Merkeztrade for a good future and profitable tomorrows.


Spare parts of all brands and models used in industrial cooling devices, Original CGAS R 404a , R134a , R 410a, refrigerants, air conditioning gases, refrigerants, gas line equipment and electrical equipment, protection elements, temperature and humidity control, automation and remote monitoring systems We strive for the fastest and most economical selection and supply of the most suitable product from a wide range of alternatives, digital thermostats, chillers and central system microprocessor controllers. It is the part that performs the cooling function in electrically operated home and office environments. We have spare parts for the cooling system and we sell wholesale and retail.


We adopt a coordinated working approach with our customers in our project design and contracting services. Our experienced project team informs you about important issues such as the physical suitability of your project, feasibility analysis, project draft cost and operating cost. are irreversible investments. In line with your request; We are at your side with our experienced and expert team in your projects that you can use safely with zero errors.