Food Industry Chiller Systems

Food Industry Chiller Systems

Food Industry Chiller Systems

You are at the right place for the most efficient and optional installations in food production, where the cooling system is somewhat mandatory. You can review our reference works on the website of our company, where food industry chiller systems installations are carried out. So, how does the system work and at what stages is our application completed? If you want, let’s start explaining the details of our topic right away. First of all, we can talk about two different methods:
water cooled system
air cooled system
A choice can be made between them depending on the application area. Water-cooled application will require large water resources. For this reason, the most sought-after feature is that the facility is close to resources such as the Sea, Lake, River or stream. Please also note that if this system is preferred, it requires different additional hardware compared to other applications. This means that the water-cooled system is more expensive and costly than the air-cooled application.

Food Industry Chiller Price

Of course, in such a comprehensive project, cost calculation will be at the forefront. For this reason, food industry chiller price is one of the first questions. Therefore, first of all, let us briefly enlighten you on how this cost is determined. Before the application we will carry out, we examine the field and get an idea about the requirements of additional hardware. Then, we determine the installation cost of the system in line with the notes and findings we take. If you deem it appropriate, we carry out the engine room installation quickly. After additional hardware is added, we test the system and deliver it to you in working order. Additionally, our company uses its own patented and branded product, Parhky+Hvac Systems. We believe that you and your business will be pleased with our system that has international quality certificates.

Central Cooling

As it is known, businesses will want to install a much more advantageous cooling system with central cooling systems. Therefore, we can easily say that the air-cooled device, which is the most preferred in this application, is more popular. Because this method, which requires only electrical energy, works without the need for a different source. It is possible to evaluate the engine room, which works on the principle of taking heat from one source and transmitting it to a different source, as 4 different equipment. There is a system consisting of compressor, condenser, expansion valves and evaporator. Please do not hesitate to request detailed information for food industry chiller systems and air handling units. Our company officials will definitely inform you in the most comprehensive way.

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