Cosmetic Manufacturing Facilities Chiller Systems

Cosmetic Manufacturing Facilities Chiller Systems

Cosmetic Manufacturing Facilities Chiller Systems

Please get a quote from our company for the latest technology Parky+Hvac Systems application in all businesses and industrial facilities that need cooling. We recommend that you benefit from our company’s services for the installation and subsequent maintenance of chiller systems in cosmetic manufacturing facilities. Because we install and deliver an optional cooling device in a very short time. So, how does the system work and which method should be applied? If you want, let us introduce you to two different applications that are generally preferred.
Water cooled application
Air cooled application
Our systems, which can be evaluated under two headings, work extremely efficiently. Of course, let us immediately state that many businesses, including the Food, Paint and Textile industries, use the system. You can get an idea by reviewing our reference works on our website.

Cosmetic Manufacturing Facilities Chiller Prices

Of course, before installing such a system, chiller prices in cosmetic manufacturing facilities are the subject of most research. Therefore, it would be useful to give a brief explanation on the subject. First of all, it is mandatory for our teams to make measurements and detection in the application area where the installation will be provided. Because there is a situation that requires additional equipment and labor to distribute the system. After this review, the clearest and most affordable prices will be shared with you. We think it would be beneficial for you to know that if you choose our company’s brand, there will be technical service support in 81 provinces. If you wish, let us now enlighten you about the working principle of the application. Compressing the gas in the compressor and then liquefying it constitutes the beginning. Then, the liquid passed through the evaporator is converted into gas. Of course, when the installation begins, an engine room will be established within the scope of the project prepared by our technical team. The cooled air will then be transported from this engine room through ducts and pipes and will provide ambient cooling with additional devices.

Air Cooled System

The air-cooled system we have just mentioned has a mechanism that works only with electrical energy. Therefore, we can say that it is an ideal cooling system for facilities that do not have large water sources such as lakes, rivers or the sea. Because the water-cooled application cannot continue its operation without these resources we have mentioned. In other words, it is more costly and requires additional pipes and pipes compared to the air-cooled application. Of course, our company installs many different cooling systems other than chiller systems in cosmetic manufacturing facilities. For example, you can ask for support from our company for the installation of air handling units and cooling rooms.

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