Cold Storage Chiller Systems

Cold Storage Chiller Systems

Cold Storage Chiller Systems

Welcome to the cold storage chiller systems installation and maintenance services needed by the food industry with a cold air chain. Our company uses its own brand Parky+Hvac Systems machines and additional equipment. If you wish, let’s first briefly introduce the system as there may be people who do not know it. This system, in which heat is taken from one source and transferred to a different source, works with an effective mechanism. The first step is to transfer the compressed gas in the compressor first to the condenser and then to the expansion valve. Of course, the gas that liquefies in the expansion valve is passed through the evaporator and converted back to gas form. The system provides conversion in this way by pumping the same gas to the compressor. Generally, two types of methods are preferred.
air cooled
water cooled
The installation of the most suitable method is carried out on site. Of course, the most important factor here is the geographical situation of the facility or application point. Because an optional efficiency is determined according to these conditions.

Cold Storage Chiller Prices

In addition, cold storage chiller prices are determined based on the 2 main headings we have just mentioned. This is because both systems require different materials and equipment. If you wish, let us now inform you about the differences between air-cooled application and water-cooled application. An important advantage is that the air-cooled system does not require any water source and operates on electrical energy. However, water-cooled application will require high amounts of water. Therefore, proximity to large resources such as lakes, streams or seas is important for the installation of the system. Let us emphasize, in anti-brackets, that facilities prefer air-cooled systems.

Air Handling Units

Our company also installs air handling units globally or locally. Therefore, we can install high-performance systems if you request this. After this short reminder, let’s list the other areas where the system can be used. Mainly
Cosmetics Industry
Printing Industry
food production facility
Pharmaceutical Industry
Paint production and similar chemical industry
Textile Yarn industry
It can be used most efficiently in many production facilities. In addition, please do not forget that we have technical service support in all 81 provinces. Therefore, you can perform all the required services such as maintenance, repair, cleaning and disassembly of cold storage chiller systems through our company.

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