Air Cooled Water Cooled Chiller

Air Cooled Water Cooled Chiller

Air Cooled Water Cooled Chiller

By what methods is chiller, the popular system of Central Cooling applications, applied? What are the differences between air-cooled and water-cooled chillers? If you are the owner of an industrial establishment or mass living buildings, it will be beneficial for you to know the advantages of the system. You may also want to install the system preferred by the food industry, textile industry or chemical manufacturers. In addition, this system finds its place in cooling areas with dense crowds such as Hotels, Hospitals and Shopping Malls. The central cooling system, which provides a significant advantage in terms of energy saving, aims to cool the entire area from a single center. So, how does the working principle of the system work and how is the installation carried out?

Air Cooled Application

Of the two methods we have just mentioned, the air-cooled application has a principle that works only with electrical energy. In addition, water-cooled application requires a lot of additional hardware. In this case, the choice of businesses will of course be the air-cooled system. If large water sources are close to the facility, another method may be considered. Because using water as a fluid requires the presence of a large resource. Also, what does this system mean and why is it called by this name? If you wish, let us share some technical information with you from this point on.

What is Chiller System

Before moving on to other details of our topic, let us answer the question of what a chiller system is. This word, translated from English as “cooling”, refers to a practice that is well known in production facilities or industrial establishments. In the engine room that will be located in the most suitable position in the area
Expansion Valves
Each of them is involved in different tasks. To briefly explain these equipment that form a whole, the first stage will be the cooling of the gas compressed in the compressor in the condenser. After the cooled gas is liquefied in the expansion and valves, the evaporator comes into play. The function of this equipment is to convert the liquid fluid into gaseous state, and the fluid processed in the evaporator returns to the compressor. If you allow, let us give you some additional information about the installation at this point.

Parhky+Hvac Systems

Our company, Parhky+Hvac Systems, installs its patented application in 81 cities. Moreover, our technical service in all our cities will support you in repair, maintenance and cleaning works. Please review our reference studies regarding our air-cooled water-cooled chiller applications through the images on our site. You can use our company’s contact link for installation, assembly and maintenance work. Our authorities will provide the necessary support

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