Advantages of Using Chiller

Advantages of Using Chiller

Advantages of Using Chiller

If you have decided to use a chiller in the cooling system of the mechanical and industrial industry, our informative article will definitely interest you. So, what are the advantages of using chillers and why should this system be preferred? First of all, let us inform you about how the system works.
Engine room installation
compressor system
Condenser hardware
Evaporator assembly
You can get maximum efficiency from this high-performance system, which we can summarize as follows. Moreover, we can say that cooling the entire facility at the same time from a single center is a very efficient and economical method. Of course, conducting a feasibility study for system installation would be the healthiest method in terms of price formation.

What is a Chiller

Before moving on to the important points of our topic, let’s briefly explain what Chiller means. This expression, which is an English term, means cooling. However, all systems that work on the same principle in the production industry are expressed this way. Therefore, we can easily state that it is a general definition. With your permission, let us make another very brief reminder. Our company carries out the installation, maintenance and repair work of this system. Therefore, if you want to install the system, it is of great benefit to choose our company’s own brand, Parhky+Hvac Systems. Because our high capacity machine has been designed with much superior features than its existing counterparts. Therefore, it brings many economic advantages. In addition, we are always with you with our technical service support in 81 provinces.

Central Cooling Air System

Of course, there are two different types of application possibilities for this system. The application diversity, which is divided into two as water cooled and central cooling air system, may vary depending on the location of the facility. For example, in order to install a water-cooled system, proximity to large water sources such as rivers, lakes or the sea will be important. Because it is necessary to use many additional equipment to ensure circulation, such as additional pipes and honeycombs, in this system. Transferring the compressed gas in the compressor in the engine room to the condenser constitutes the first stage of cooling. The gas, which is then converted into liquid in the expansion valves, passes to the evaporator. The purpose of this mechanic is to convert the liquid fluid back into gas and transfer it to the compressor. This is how recycling is provided after the process is completed. Therefore, the advantages of using chillers are quite high and will mean significant recovery for the production facility.

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